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Legal protection


Legal protection with INOV Broker

Our legal protection insurance will protect you from disputes you may find yourself in related to your private or professional affairs.

This legal protection insurance is a policy that helps you resolve your disputes or differences with third parties amicably or through legal proceedings with the assistance of our INOV Brokers experts so you may be guaranteed assistance and assert your rights.

According to the legal definition of legal protection, it consists of "providing services and covering costs so the policy-holder may assert their rights as a petitioner or respondent in court, administrative or other proceedings or outside any type of procedure".

INOV Broker organizes your legal defence by informing you of your rights and assisting you legally in your efforts to resolve any disputes you may face.


INOV assists you with the filing of your case in the judicial phase. Choose INOV because of its experience and expertise in the field of insurance and because it is an independent company without any conflicts of interest.


Legal protection with INOV Broker

  • Do you find the legal system complex ?

  • Do you not know how to resolve a dispute ?

  • Are you not aware of all of your rights ?

The increasing complexity of the legal system makes it harder and harder for people to understand their rights in the event of a legal dispute. Moreover, the rising cost of proceedings, the fact that they have become more risky and the sums that have to be paid in advance to cover legal fees which have more than doubled are just some of the aspects that can be discouraging.

However, many situations in everyday life can lead to conflicts or misunderstandings which you may not know how to handle legally.

That's why INOV Broker assists and helps you assert your rights by providing you with information and advice and by guiding you throughout the process so you may benefit from valuable aid in the event of a dispute.

With our legal protection insurance policy, you will receive assistance not only for your legal but also your financial affairs.

Legal protection means you won't have to bear the costs of justice which are often quite high when it comes to court proceedings. In fact, we provide you with services, cover the costs and fees necessary to settle disputes in legal, administrative or other proceedings or outside these types of processes.

Legal protection means you benefit from the personalized assistance of our specialist experts in order to resolve disputes amicably or initiate a court procedure together.


Legal protection with INOV Broker

What is a dispute?

In what circumstances may you need legal protection insurance? A dispute is a situation of conflict caused by an adverse event, reprehensible act or a disagreement that requires you to vindicate a right that is challenged, oppose a complaint or defend yourself before a court. You may use legal protection insurance if you find yourself in a situation of conflict with a third party and need legal assistance in order to resolve the conflict.

How does it work?

If you have legal protection insurance, you may contact INOV Broker in the event of a dispute. We undertake to use all of our resources and put you into contact with our specialized legal firms to find the most appropriate response for your problem. Our firms resolve these problems amicably in most situations.

Nonetheless, if this can't be done, we will assist you throughout the legal procedure particularly by covering the court costs and the fees of any attorneys and experts required to defend you up to the contractual limit guaranteed. We put you into contact with a competent and reliable attorney. However, you may always directly choose one if you prefer.

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