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Company protection with INOV Broker

It consists of "offering policy-holders a privileged resource to access the law and justice by assisting them and covering the costs of procedures so they may assert their rights as a petitioner or respondent in a court, administrative or other type of proceeding or outside any type of procedure".

This plan is aimed at all companies wishing to protect their image, notoriety and business and be assisted in the event of a dispute that may harm their company irrespective of the cause.

Company legal protection adapts to the size and needs of each company so the service is coherent and effective. This insurance allows the policy-holder to benefit from an outside legal service and control legal costs.

The premium is calculated based on the declared business, profit before taxes for the last known fiscal year, the number of employees and the number of company vehicles. Our subscription extranet provides a quick calculation of your premium.

Here are a few examples of situations where having a legal protection policy will protect your rights:

  • Another company obtains loans through a bank under the business name of our policy-holder.
  • Our policy-holder's products are unfairly attached on a blog.
  • Our policy-holder discovers in a search engine that its company name is automatically associated with the term "scam".
  • Our policy-holder creates a restructuring plan following business difficulties and is the victim of threats.


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