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Premium protection with INOV Broker

It consists of "offering policy-holders a privileged resource to access the law and justice by assisting them and covering the costs of procedures so they may assert their rights as a petitioner or respondent in a court, administrative or other type of proceeding or outside any type of procedure".

This plan is aimed at all individuals who are looking for comprehensive legal protection.

Hence, our premium plan covers all disputes connected to:

  • your home
  • your consumer affairs
  • your leisure affairs
  • your employment
  • your automobile
  • your tax issues
  • inheritance issues
  • divorce and separations

Here are a few examples of situations where having a legal protection policy will protect your rights:

  • A policy-holder wishes to make a donation to a grandson and is confronted with opposition by family members.
  • A policy-holder purchases a kitchen and the company refuses a cancellation made within 7 days.
  • A policy-holder finds cracks in the wall of their home and has damage insurance.
  • A policy-holder's "dream" holiday flat is located right in the middle of a construction site.


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